Uyir Nokku

Among the many paths available to realize Oneness with the Higher Power in Nature, the path most appealing to the intellectual is the path of Gnana. As we stand in the Gnana Portion of our Thirukkural class, this seems like a timely blessing from the Higher power during this lockdown period. Saiva Siddhantham takes us down the Gnana path by way of Thathuvams as explained in the Shiva Agamas. Our Guru Kambavaruthy Ilangai Jeyaraj has graciously agreed to lead us to light by conducting these classes via Online Medium. This class is an attempt to bring out to common people an understanding of the Shiva Thathuvams and serve as a common man's guide in the path of Gnana. Shivarpanam.

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Class Timings : 7:10 am – 8:30 pm

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