Uyar Valluvam

Kambavarithy illangai jeyaraj Ayya is one of the very few MUTHAMIZ ARIGNAR in TAMIIZ of our times

People regarded him as an eloquent speaker from yazpanam giving discourses on Tamil literary works and religious subjects from his age of 16.

He founded the Kamban Kazhagam in Sri Lanka in the year 1980. Ramayanam, Thirukural, Thiruvasagam, Periyapuranam, Saiva Sithantham are some of his areas of expertise. He strongly believes that moral values should precede formal education. Morality will form a strong bank for practical knowledge to flow within. So education that is given in such a manner will automatically lead to a happier society.

He had as his gurus, eminent scholars such as Vidhvan Velan, Thiru R Radhakrishnan Professor Trichy National College and Ilakkana Vidhakar Thiru Namachivayam Pillai. He lives his life by his teachings and makes his gurus proud. His mastery over Kamba ramayanam made him kambavarithy illangai jeyaraj across the world and people longed to get mesmerized by his speeches until his age of 40.

But Ever since he started teaching thirukural from the age of 40 ARAM has made him its medium of communication. One can experience the omnipresence of ARAM (virtue, righteousness) while listening to his UYAR VALLUVAM

It is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to stay as the same person after listening to his first 14 classes, because he or she would transform into one of the most balanced and happiest person.

If someone helps you shatter the chains of our self-made ego which limits the boundaries of our senses and lets you free to fly in the space of infinite awareness..

What would you call him..??
Yes we too call him so .. GURU..!

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