Our Belief

The light of "Aram" or Dharma will make the world a better place to be.

As we sow the seeds of virtue and righteousness, the darkness shrouding our world society will slowly but surely get eradicated. And the good news is that the process has started at numerous places around the world. Kara Kasadara is one among those many attempts to light the lamp of Aram (virtue) in thought, word and action.

Tamil is a refined and rich compilation of knowledge over thousands of years of human living. Many literary works exude evergreen virtues important for mankind; the crown jewel of the stack is Thirukkural. Thiruvalluvar's Thirukkural has done an unmatched task of being comprehensive and at the same time being simple to grasp. So, we feel lucky to have been chosen for spreading righteousness (Aram) using Thirukkural. "Uyar Valluvam" is our flagship project where we are trying to create a lifestyle based on Thirukkural, starting from teachers. (know moreā€¦)

We strongly believe real change starts within each person, everyone is Karka Kasadara is changing to the better along the journey. We are happy and grateful to have gotten this opportunity to act and contribute in a positive way. Going forward we hope to spread our activities into other areas to light as many lamps of "Aram" as possible.

This trust was formed in 2016. If you are interested in joining hands in our efforts, please email us at trust@karka.in.

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