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What is the program?

Uyar Valluvam is a program organized by the Karka Kasadara Trust to take the teachings of Thirukkural to the next generation. This program aims to enable the current and future educators to have an in-depth understanding of Thirukkural.

Why Thirukkural.?

In the current age of advanced technology, all of us have are equipped with latest gadgets. Despite the increase in the RAM capacity and Gigabytes of storage available, it is a miracle that always the ‘one important piece of paper’ always goes missing, just when you need it!

It has to be undoubtedly, the power of Nature or some strange Superior Force that has allowed the Thirukkural that was probably composed somewhere around 500 BCE, that too on palm leaves, to be passed on to our generation without much damage. If we question as to why did Nature choose to preserve this document, the only obvious answer seems to be that there is probably something of value in it – a timeless piece of knowledge that is essential for a happy life on this earth.

While it is true that the language of the Thirukkural and the explanations by subsequent scholars are difficult to understand by the layman, here we present Mr. Jeyaraj who not only delves into the depths of the work, analyzing at it from many angles, but also presents it in an engaging and simple manner that is easy for any one of us to understand. It is not only an honour but also a blessing to be able to sit in a lecture hall with him to attempt to learn about the Masterpiece.

This is a once in a life time opportunity because, bringing Mr. Jeyaraj from his native Sri Lanka and coordinating these meetings requires huge efforts both monetary and manpower, that it cannot be duplicated. If we are wise we would make use of this opportunity to strike Gold!

3. Dates, Timings, Venue of classes?

We have arranged for prominent speaker Thiru. Ilangai Jeyaraj to give us lecture on Thirukkural.

This is a year- long program with classes on Weekends. We will have two classes per month.

Venue : No. 28, Maharishi school auditorium , Dr. Gurusamy Road, Chetpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600031 (Near Ega Theatre)

For subsequent classes please check with What's New.

Who is the teacher?
  • Mr. Jeyaraj is a prominent speaker in Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka and is well known among all Tamil speaking people around the world.

  • A wise man with a humble demeanour he is dearly known as Ilangai Jeyaraj in Tamil Nadu and as Kambavarithi Jeyaraj in Srilanka (He founded the Kamban Kazhagam in Sri Lanka in the year 1980).

  • A passionate supporter of Literary giant Kamban, his broad areas of interests include Tamil Literature, Religion, and Thathuvam.

  • Ramayanam, Thirukural, Thiruvasagam, Periyapuranam, Saiva Sithantham are some of his areas of expertise.

  • He strongly believes that moral values should precede formal education. Morality will form a strong bank for practical knowledge to flow within. So education that is given in such a manner will automatically lead to a happier society.

  • He had as his gurus, eminent scholars such as Vidhvan Velan, Thiru R Radhakrishnan Professor Trichy National College and Ilakkana Vidhakar Thiru Namachivayam Pillai. He lives his life by his teachings and makes his gurus proud

  • He has been spreading his knowledge all over the world for the past sixteen years teaching Thirukural primarily drawing from the explanations given by Thiru Parimelalagar.

  • He conducts classes regularly in Sri Lanka and lectures on Tamil Literary topics in India and Sri Lanka

  • Walking in the path of Thirukkural he has touched the lives of many, through his words of wisdom.

  • Some of his speeches can be found at:

How to apply?

Interested and eligible candidates are encouraged to apply. Click the Register Link to Enrollment for the program.

How are candidates Selected?

Limited seats are available. Selection will be made based on the candidates level learning the subject, on a first come first serve basis.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Genuine Interest in learning Thirukural and teaching them to next generation.
  • Good Reading and Oral skills in Tamil.
  • Candidate must have completed Secondary School Certificate.