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“Karka Kasadara” trust was created in 2016 to create a forum for people interested in learning from and contributing to the growth of Tamil Language and Literature.

Our core belief is that “Reading Tamil Literature will help in the betterment of our lives”.

While it may sound like a stretch to say that Tamil language can make one's life better, we need to take a look at what the rest of the world feels about our language.


Here is an excerpt of a recently introduced Chinese text book, where Chinese children are learning Thirukkural translated to their mother tongue.


Australian MP Dr. Hugh McDermott, lobbied for Tamil to be included in the National Curriculum so that Tamil can be a language subject for students across Australia.


Our Country had been under Imperial rule long enough for us to forgot our roots. While there may be pros and cons of such long imperial rule, one thing is for certain. We have lost the treasure trove of our mother land. We have no idea of where we are sitting on. We are still clinging on to everything the English has imparted on us (Education, infrastructure, slave mentality etc) and looking to West for superiority in any field. There is no time better than now, to remind ourselves of the following story.


Outside a particular village, a beggar lived under a tree. Each day he would go to the village and ask for left-over and at the end of the day, he would come to the tree and have his modest meal. As time went by, he grew old and died. The villagers decided to pay his last respects and decided to bury his ashes deep in the ground at the very same spot where he sat under the tree. When they dug a pit, they found a huge treasure which would have allowed the finder to live like a King! If only...


As ironical as the story is, our situation in Tamil Nadu is no different. While the rest of the world has progressed to see the importance of Tamil and Tamil Literature, we as Indians, the guardians of Tamil language have chosen to remain in the dark, unable to reap the benefits that our culture has to offer.


While not a tremendous step like making changes at the National level, we as a group are taking our first step of making the Tamil - Treasure available in an 'easy to grasp' form for those who are interested in bettering their lives


If you are interested in joining hands in our efforts, please send an email to trust@karka.in.